Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Nudity in Art

I have recently started to wonder at the Carbon footprint of the clothing industry. Perhaps we should not be making clothes - something to ponder about.😀😀

Sunday night on BBC4 there were a couple of items of interest, the first posed the question what is wrong with nudity?

They didn't really arrive at a conclusion, but some of the tests were interesting. There was one were the subjects were fitted with goggles to monitor where they were looking, then nudes were put in front of them and not one of them stared at the genitalia, most looked at the whole body and one stared determinedly at the eyes of the nudes. He obviously had hang ups about nudity, but the rest behave as most nudists do. I think for a control group they should have performed the tests on a group of nudists as well.

The second program was about the fig leaf in art.

They demonstrated that, far from covering the area the fig leaf attracted attention to it. But the history was interesting, they asked where and when the prudery came from. It seems that apart from historic manoeuvrings, the restrictions that affect us today came from the church in the middle ages. I suppose for someone who is denied the sight of naked members of the opposite sex, the sight of a nude painting or statue must be highly sexual or erotic and if they aren't allowed the pleasures which their God designed them for, no-one else should enjoy them.

Then Monday night Mary Beard pontificating about nude art.

Lecturing on the eroticism and sexualisation of statues from as far back as ancient Greece and paintings from nearly as long ago. I was looking at them as she held forth on her subject and for the life of me I could not see the eroticism and sexualisation she was talking about. Nudes, both male and female were just that, male and female nudes. Is Michelangelo's 'David' either erotic or sexual and what about Botticelli's 'Birth of Venus' or (appropriate for this blog) Goya's 'Naked Maja'.

It was obvious the she could not separate nudity from sex, so any nude statue or painting was sexualising the model. I cant help thinking these airy-fairy art critics should get a proper job. 

Monday, 30 December 2019

It's a Crime

I was sitting back in my arm chair looking at the picture (above), which I have as a 60 x 40cm print on canvas, hanging on the wall over the TV. When it occurred to me, what a crime clothing is. Being forced to cover such natural beauty is all wrong.

Why hide it under some man-made monstrosity?

Happy New Year all.

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Winter Blues

A bit sparing this time, I'm laid up with a chest infection so haven't been very busy.

When is the rain going to stop? There cant be much more water left up there.

You can understand why the Scandinavians are big on Sauna's. Somewhere hot to hide away, then a swim in the fjord or snow angels to cool off before rushing back in to warm up again. We dont get so much here because we were basically a Serfdom until quite recently (some would say we still are). The Lords and Barons might have had something but most of us were expendable.

In the distant past, some villages had what you might call a communal bath. The Blacksmith would roll a barrel out to the village square, fill it with water and light a fire under it. 

When it was hot enough, the mayor or the local lord and his lady would remove their clothes and climb in. When they had finished, their children went in, then the next family down the hierarchical ladder. Until finally the village idiot, thats one of the reasons he always smelt.  Nudity wasn't an issue then.

These days some of us try to improve things with a hot tub, the one above is massive, must hold 20 people and have room for a couple of reindeer. The trouble is there is no hot room nearby for when you get out.

We used to have a mixed nude sauna at the Loughborough leisure centre and like the barrel nobody worried about who was joining us in the facilities, not all were naturists, but they enjoyed it none the less. Although I get the idea that some of the staff weren't happy about it, even if they didn't have to go in while we were there. For no real reason, the whole thing was changed and as far as I can find out there is no mixed nude sauna any more

This weather is a good excuse to play with indoor photography and it can be a lot of fun, but I wont elaborate.

Also on the not so good photos, you can practise with Photoshop or other editing software.

 This one was good in monochrome, but I decided
 to add colour and remove the background

And there is no need to explain this some is good so more must be better.

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Them and Us.

Why is it that humans are ashamed of their own bodies?
Why are so many of us frightened that our naked bodies or those of our wives or family might be seen by someone else?

We are all the same in a general way, for the most part we all have heads, bodies, arms and legs. We all eat, drink and go to the toilet. We all must sleep at sometime.

Our internal organs are pretty much the same, gender differences aside and we all came into this world from the womb.

What is there left, we all have skin. It might come in different colours and some might be smoother than others, but it is all made the same.

Thanks to Nick and Sue for these two photos of the beautiful Sue
We all have nipples, the surrounding areola might vary in size and on average women's are larger than men's, but some women have small ones as well. The same applies to breasts the range of women's breasts is far greater than men's, starting at the almost non existent and reaching a size that causes back problems for those who have to support them.

Men have a range too, again it starts at nothing and reaches the size that some women would be proud to have. Men's breasts seem to have had some long forgotten use and other than one thing, which I will cover later, are pretty much cosmetic.

Women's breasts are there to produce milk for our off-spring, that is the main reason for their existence and a good reason it is, mothers milk makes babies grow and be more resistant to infection. Like men's breasts there is another use, but again I will come to that later.

So far we are physiologically all the same, with some minor differences and two major ones. The skin around your breasts is the same skin that covers your arm, there is nothing special about it. Both gender's nipples and breasts are similar.

So why are men able to be topless in the street or on the beach and nobody complains, whereas women going topless in public have others, usually hysterical women running to the nearest policeman to complain "think about the children" seeming to have forgotten the primary role of the breast.

Before the feminists start calling me a sexist pig etc. I should explain that there are far more complaints about topless women from other women, than from men. Few men will complain, unless they are forced by an irate wife or are very uptight.

The usual complaint is "I don't want my child seeing them, it could scar them for life!" So I guess we must assume those complaining did not do the best they could for their children by breast feeding them.

Lower down the human body we come to, what is known as the belly button (navel). Actually the place where we were attached to our mothers when we were in the womb. You might have an 'innie' or an 'outie' but other than that they are the same for every one.

Further down we come to the Pubic Hair, most of us grow it. Some shave it off and others think it is a beautiful display of adulthood, particularly on women. But again we all have it, or had it. So no difference there.

Now we have reached the major difference, the difference to end all differences, vive la difference. Just below the pubic bone the approach to a woman's difference begins with a fold in the skin, but note at this point it is still just skin, same as covers your arm, breasts etc.

At the same point on a man is the start of the root of his Penis, it might be big or small erect or flaccid, but there it stands and of course this is where the difference and in some opinions the problems lie.

To those who don't understand, because they have never had one, the male penis is usually quite well behaved. But there are times when it appears to have a mind of its own. Sometimes, particularly in younger men it can become unexpectedly erect and even surprise its owner. Sometimes with no stimuli it can suddenly rise, even when a man is alone with nothing to trigger it off. Women are lucky in that respect, when they suddenly and inexplicably become aroused, it doesn't always show.

If we continue down the female body we will come to the clitoral hood, beneath this hood is the erogenous zone par excellence, the Clitoris (or as sometimes called, the love bean) and it is outside the woman's body. Below this is the entrance through her labial lips to her vagina, the moist cave that men dream about.

Below the man's Penis is his scrotum containing his testicles and inside them his sperm, the whitish liquid he hopes to deposit inside the woman, when she is receptive. If that sounds base, it's because it is. Like all the other animals our main reason for existence is procreation.

Carry on round and there is the anus, it is pretty much the same for both sexes. So doesn't come into the differences, but it is where we eject waste food from and some people use it for other things.

Having touched on erogenous zones (ooh! pun intended ). I should now say that both male and female nipples can give sexual pleasure if teased in the right way. Some men don't like it and unfortunately some women feel the same way, but for most it is a powerful erogenous zone.
The area of skin between the scrotum and the anus on a man and between the vagina and the anus on a woman is called the Perineum and is a powerful erogenous zone if treated carefully and stoked lightly.

A final point on the location of erogenous zones, they can be almost anywhere and in this people differ. While the nape of the neck might be effective for some women, it rarely works on most men and some women. Stroking a woman's naked back or fluttering your hand over her stomach might put her on cloud nine, but on other women it'll either not work or have the opposite effect. You have to find your partners zones by trial and error.

Okay that is a quick tour, now back to the questions. There is so little difference in the make up of our bodies, why are we afraid of them?

A woman's genitals are pretty well hidden. If she were to walk naked along a public road, her genitals would be all but hidden. It would take a definite effort on her part to make them clearly visible and if she is unshaven there, it would be harder to get even a glimpse. Her breasts would be visible, but no more than a man's and apart from the milk delivery, ostensibly no different. Although they do offer an attraction to men.

With a man it becomes more difficult, his genitals are on show all the time, there is no way to hide them if he is naked. The question is, how much of a problem is that?
He might get an erection, showing he is aroused. The naked woman could be equally aroused but it is barely noticeable.

If you were to explore naturism, you would soon see that very few men have erections and if someone gets one it is ignored. Most male naturists occasionally get an unwanted erection, naturists are not sexless, they enjoy active sex lives when the environment permits. In fact they probably have better control of their bodies, there is nowhere to hide when you are naked. It should also be said that most male textiles also get unwanted erections occasionally.

Penis' of course come in different sizes, from the small to the enormous with the average size being around six and a half inches. To compare them with another visual characteristic there is probably as much variety in size as there is in the size of a woman's breasts.

I can imagine that there are still some women who might be frightened at the sight of a large penis, even if it is flaccid. If the penis was being deliberately flaunted in a way to cause distress, she has a right to be concerned and to complain to the police about it. But it is similar to someone using threatening behaviour, waving their fists around with intent to cause injury. They can be arrested as well, but you wouldn't want a law compelling everyone to keep their hand covered in public, that would be silly. Instead the law should deal with the individual miscreant.

In short social nudity should be commonplace, everyone should be allowed to be naked whenever they want to be, erections should be ignored as should erect nipples, but nobody should be forced to be naked. It should be every individuals choice. Conversely no-one should be forced to be clothed. A clothes optional society, would be a much better adjusted society.

Thanks again to Nick and Sue from "in the buff" naturist website. If anyone else would like to contribute please contact me, either through "In the Buff" or by leaving a comment on this blog. Or by email.

Monday, 4 November 2019


I hope you'll bear with me, I have just got a new scanner and I'm hoping to scan in some more pictures for this blog. All I have to do is figure out how it works.

I'm also writing a book about a young naturist woman and her friends, who start a naturist club. local problems with a vindictive gossip and eventual acceptance. The working title is "The Club" but that may change. 

Friday, 18 October 2019



You made it happen

We Passed 25,000 views this morning

Is it too ambitious to ask, how we make this blog go viral? 

Wednesday, 16 October 2019


As the blog visits climb towards 25,000 I am reminded why I started it and while I do like to show off my beautiful wife, that was not the main reason.

It started when a friend of Maja's asked if I appreciated how beautiful she is. I replied that I was always telling her that, but she didn't believe me and thought I was biased.

So I challenged her, I suggested I would set up a blog with mostly her nude pictures and see how many visits it got.

It started slowly because I didn't advertise and instead relied on word of mouth and accidental discovery. The rate did increase when I mentioned it on a couple of naturist websites and since then it has grown steadily.

We can always do with more visitors and followers, so if you have any friends who might be interested please introduce them to the blog.

The variance in the quality of the pictures is because of the variety of cameras used.

Saturday, 28 September 2019


I wonder how many of you have copied and printed my pictures from this blog. It's alright if you have, if I worried about that I wouldn't have posted them in the first place. As long as you have not reposted them and claimed them as your own.

If you do have any of them on a site of your own and have given me or this blog credit, I would be pleased to see the site/blog. You could post the web address in the comments, it might get you a few more visitors, and don't worry I would take it as compliment to Maja (and maybe to my prose).

This leads on to another thought, there was much made of the airport security cameras seeing through clothes and exposing peoples bodies for the security staff to see. But this is nothing new, I remember over forty years ago a swimming baths with cameras in the changing rooms and since then more and more changing areas have been adorned with them, mostly well hidden miniature cameras.

Any time we have tried on a piece of clothing in a shop changing room, security personnel have been watching. Seeing your underwear is one thing but what about trying on a swimsuit or bikini or, as I am led to believe sometimes happens in changing rooms you got up to something intimate with a "friend" to spice up your relationship maybe.

The reason I've mentioned this is, for the people who say they could never let anyone see them naked. In all probability they already have been seen naked, it is all recorded and can be used as evidence if need be or copied for employees and their mates to watch on a night off, maybe watched on long boring night security watches.

The question that arises from this, has it harmed them being seen naked by someone who doesn't know them and who they don't know. On a naturist beach this happens all the time, the only difference is you can see them as well. So the problem seems to be in the knowing that someone has seen you rather than the being seen.

Given that most anyone could have been seen naked while buying clothes or in a swimming pool changing rooms, you could apply the saying, "Once it's out, it cant be put back" meaning once you have been seen you cannot be unseen and as I have always said what harm has been done. If you're accidentally seen and embarrassed by it, the gossips will love embarrassing you. If you don't care who sees you gossips wont have anything to talk about.

I hope this all makes some kind of sense to you and if you aren't already a naturist, you'll give it a try.

Sunday, 8 September 2019


Well I'm back, something had flipped a switch in Chrome and after much searching I eventually found it.

So onto size, I was watching something on TV the other night, where the main person had a real problem with the size of his penis. His girlfriend of several years was happy, but he had developed a real problem about how small he felt it was.

I know this isn't really about naturism, but I wonder how many people are put off going nude because of the size of their penis or in women the size of their breasts (or their partners penis).

Starting with the male organ and something they didn't say on the program, is Size is Important. Not wether it is large or small but wether it is compatible with your partner - it is no good trying to park a lorry in garage made for a Mini and equally a mini would be lost in a garage made for a lorry. There are as many women with small vaginas as there are men with small penis's. So finding the right size for you is important.

Some will claim that a vagina can stand a babies head passing through it, so it can stand any size of penis. But if you think about it the baby comes out from the inside, the penis is entering from the outside. Consider this, if you take a kitchen funnel and pour flour into it, the flour will all slide down through the narrow neck. Now gather the flour and try to pour it back in the opposite direction. You cant put the baby back in, similarly you cant put an enormous penis in a small vagina and have both of you enjoy it.

Also sex is supposed to be pleasurable, ask any mother if childbirth was pleasant.

Breast enhancement is almost common these days, but I have to say two bags of silicon will never excite me. That being said I would also say that big breasts have never been a favourite of mine, a woman doesn't need big breasts to be beautiful or sexy.

Under 30 a woman probable hasn't stopped growing them yet, I can hear the Boos and jeers from here, but here is proof. Pictures of Maja's breasts at various ages.

Maja at age 24
Maja age 29
Maja age 31
What made the difference?
In this case the attention of a loving partner massaging, kissing and caressing them at every opportunity. My attentions encouraged the blood flow and that helps to increase the size. We didn't deliberately try to make them bigger, it was a wonderful side effect of love and attention.

Below is a photoshopped picture of the earlier photo. By inverting the colours to negative it gave me this picture that resembles a planet. I added a few stars and used it as the cover for my Sci-Fi book "Rubilacxe"

I could write all night on this subject, but to return to naturism.

If you are concerned that other naturists will point and laugh, I can tell you the majority will not. Naturism is about being naked together and naturists see each other much the same as textiles see each other. Believe me when I say that if you stand and stare at some else's genitals you will soon get the sharp edge of their tongue. Naturists do not like people who stare. 

If you are not convinced, try going to a clothes optional beach, then you don't have to remove all your clothes until you feel ready and if you don't feel ready then don't remove them. You will soon see that no-one pays attention to you, in fact being clothed on a naturist beach will attract more attention than being nude.