Friday, 14 December 2018

Memories Part four - Holidays and home


One year we went camping at the Lakeland's Sun Club, the sun was shining when we arrived and continued to shine throughout our stay, facilities were in the nearby village which was quite a walk away, but the remoteness of the site only added to its attraction.  Right on the edge of the dunes it had a great setting, although the beach was not official it was mostly deserted and the dunes big enough so that textiles would have to try really hard to be offended by our nudity.

Having just arrived, we were preparing our midday meal on the site when Maja realised we'd forgotten to pack the can opener. Another nude couple who were just setting off for the beach overheard our predicament and without hesitation, approached us.
“There is a can opener in our tent if you would like to borrow it.” They offered, pointing out which was their tent, then continued on their way to the beach.
We always thought of that as a demonstration that naturists are the nicest and most trusting of people. It also fits with the general behaviour of naturists. I've had many disturbed nights on textile campsites through the lack of consideration of fellow campers. But I have never had a disturbed night on a naturist site.

* * *

Our Mobile Home

We moved to a residential mobile home in Leicestershire, overlooking the river Soar and open fields beyond. It was ideal for us, though a bit basic and the pipes froze most winters. Outside the French windows, running the length of the van, was our garden path, then a hedge with a gate through to an area of the river bank which was only accessible from our garden or the river. We had some great wildlife sightings from here, from Kingfishers to Arctic Terns, voles and the occasional fox.

Our garden spread round the ends of the mobile home, there was a large fence at one end and a hedge at the other and we found it was totally secluded. The hedge alongside the path was about shoulder high so the only place, we might be exposed was when we came and went from the French doors and even then, it was really only Maja's breasts that could be seen. Although we could look over the hedge and see people walking in the fields on the opposite side of the river or the boaties cruising by in their narrow boats, they couldn't see any more of us than our heads. We spent many happy days naked and enjoying the views. It was fun exchanging banter with the narrow boat crews as they cruised by, slowing for the locks ahead. They had no idea the people they were passing pleasantries with, were totally naked.

* * *

At this time the Wanlip Country Park was being created and there were a number of lakes that had once been gravel pits. They were now filled with water and many of them could only be accessed with difficulty. Being local we had time to find our way about and we were soon skinny dipping in the more secluded ones and drying off in the sunshine beside them. No-one ever came close enough to see we were naked. Although the odd bird watcher might have received a surprise courtesy of his binoculars. If any did we never saw them.
In some areas we could walk a long way without clothes and never meet anyone. Although occasionally, when we were walking clothed, we came across some frantic activity that suggested we weren’t  the only ones making use of the privacy.
But our naturist jaunts came to an end at some of the pools when the local council built a Bird hide  with clear views over them.

We could still go nude on the other side of the river, by the water ski lake,  when it wasn’t in use and I could get home from work by using that area as a short cut. So often I would strip off as soon as I could and put my clothes in my bicycle saddlebags while I walked through the rough parkland. The flora was high enough and the ground rough enough, so that if I saw anyone I could drop into a dip and slip my shorts on.

* * *

It was on one of these trips home that I had an amusing and highly unusual experience, I was flashed! Not by a dirty raincoat, but by an attractive young woman. Most women think it's only men that flash, but on the contrary, it's only women that report it. Most men just enjoy a woman flashing them.
It was dusk and as I walked, clothed, along the path that connected the parkland with the road, a bright light came on in a first floor window attracting my attention.
Standing in the window was a dark haired young woman of about eighteen, wearing only an open short leather waistcoat and a smile. Her breasts were pert and not too large and I could easily see that her hair matched and was obviously her natural colour.
She turned away and I wondered if she had exposed herself by accident, but she then bent over to expose her behind and looked back over her shoulder in a classic “Top Shelf” magazine pose. Pity all her effort was wasted, the view was enjoyable but I only had eyes for Maja.

* * *

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Memories part three


The advent of a car and the ability to travel further gave me my first experience of nude driving, a naked female driver near to Lands-end happily slowed her 2CV Citroen to drive between the crowds of surfers heading for the beach, her naked breasts clearly visible to everyone and those close enough to look into the car as she passed were treated to the vision of a triangle of dark pubic hair. 

A man might well have been arrested for driving in such a state of undress, but it was the early seventies and no-one seemed the least bit offended by this girls motorised immodesty. Not long afterwards there was an article, in H & E about a couple in America who regularly drove naked in an open top sports car.

That gave me the idea that on the open road I could drive naked, only my top half would be visible and if I got near to crowds I could pull a towel over. Thus started a career of nude driving and over the years I've driven most of the length and breadth of the UK without clothes. I can usually find a quiet corner of a service area car park to dress before entering the buildings and by having shorts available I can dress quickly if need be.

* * *

I started to take H & E regularly and as always, there was a lot of debate about single male naturists – It didn't make any sense to me, I would have thought an attractive single female naturist held a lot more potential for disrupting a club than any lone male. It seemed to me that the men of the naturist clubs didn’t trust their wives to be near a naked single male, in case they should be tempted by him. But they allowed themselves the company and potential temptations of naked single females. I'm surprised the women in the clubs didn't realise this.

Of course I may be wrong, it could be the wives who daren’t trust themselves to be near a naked man. Either way single naturist men were considered to be pariahs and single naturist women were welcomed with open arms.
Whatever the reasons, it meant that I was condemned to solitary nude bathing for many years to come. Although I did manage to find an occasional nude beach where I could be with like minds, even if as a solo male I couldn't join in the activities.


I was twenty three when I met a beautiful young woman who, after a brief courtship became my wife. I told her about naturism early on in the relationship and introduced her to the delights of H & E. She enjoyed the articles and the problems page and was happy to note that the photos weren’t distorted, pelvis thrusting models but mostly every day people. By now the airbrush cover-ups had ceased so the models could be seen in their entirety.

* * *

Maja wasn’t sure about going nude in public, but she eventually agreed that we should go to a club for a trial day and I agreed that if she didn’t enjoy it, we would leave.

We selected a club close to Meriden in the West Midlands, on arrival there was a friendly greeting and introduction to the club facilities then we were shown where to get undressed.

A little old man – the club secretary - took us round to introduce us to everyone. I know it shouldn’t make a difference but Maja was a tall slim blonde with a fabulous figure, she looked stunning naked and the club Secretary took great delight in introducing her on her own before admitting she had a partner. 

Maja seemed to settle to social nudity right away and there was no sign of her earlier nervousness. I was very proud of my beautiful young wife that day.
The club and its members were very friendly and had we lived closer we would have joined, but in the end we decided it was just too far to travel.

to be continued

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Memories Part two

The continuation of my life as a naturist

The thing that I considered a saving grace and proof that it wasn't a sexual perversion was that despite the onset of puberty and my hormones running wild, there was never anything sexual about these sessions, I never got aroused by them. Even the two teenage riders hadn’t caused any sexual reaction - I was probably too scared.

* * *

When I was about fifteen, a school friend showed me a copy of H & E, he’d got it to look at the nude women. Some newsagents would let the older school kids buy the few "girlie" mags that were readily available at the time and some of the kids lifted them from the shops that wouldn't sell to them. I didn't ask my friend how he got it, but he was one of very few friends I had at school, so I trusted that he'd paid for it.
Some of the, more intimate, details were airbrushed out in those days, but the breasts and rest of the body were visible and for most schoolboys that was enough to start the blood boiling.
That magazine changed my life, the pictures were the most wonderful thing I had ever seen, Men and Women naked, swimming, playing tennis and volleyball or just sitting talking and sunbathing. I was ecstatic and walking on air for weeks afterwards.

My friend couldn’t understand why I was looking at the somewhat distant activity pictures rather than the close-up pictures of individual naked women and he gave me some very funny looks when I started reading the articles instead of pouring over the naked ladies.
But this was what I had been looking for, I wasn’t a pervert – I was a naturist, the relief was immense. Of course at that age there was no way I could join a club and my parents had no leanings in that direction, I had never even seen them in the bath. But I still felt I belonged to a naturist community that, until then, I didn't know existed.
So I made do with my visits to the woods, getting more daring and exploring further a field wearing only my shoes. Soon I was able to cross open ground between areas of woodland and could walk for miles totally unencumbered. Only slipping my trousers on to cross the road if anything was coming.
I could look down at a nearby village before skirting round to the banks of a very pretty reservoir. Swimming wasn't allowed in the reservoir and I would have been spotted by the anglers, in their boats, if I'd tried. So I made do with rambling through the woods at the south end. I could have gone into the local deer park from there but it has always been a popular park and despite its size it was hard to walk there totally unseen.

* * *

My visits to this, secret place and beyond, lasted from around the time of puberty, until I got my own transport and was able to travel to better places. Then I made trips to the seaside and went nude among the dunes or swimming naked by the simple expedient of wading out in my swimming trunks, then as soon as I was far enough out and away from people, taking them off and enjoying the feeling of the water over my body. With the sea not being clear it didn’t matter if anyone passed by or came close to where I was swimming, they couldn’t see anything and be offended. But I always had an escape route if anyone seemed to be getting too close.
Sometimes if I found a deserted beach I could be nude all day, swimming and sunbathing it was great. But I felt that something was missing, I enjoyed what I was doing but wanted to share it with someone. I did, from time to time come across others going nude in the dunes. But no-one spoke, even when I apologised for disturbing them. It was mainly men but occasionally I would see a couple and once a lone woman, who looked as old as my mother, smiled and replied, "That’s alright." Before returning to her book. I have no idea who they were but they were the first naked people I'd ever seen and the lone woman was the first naked woman who'd spoken to me.

to be continued

Wednesday, 21 November 2018


Since my illness started I have been a bit lax with this blog and I hope to improve matters.
Despite my professing that naturism isn't about looks etc, I have been reluctant to take and post pictures of older people, like Maja and I. We are retired now and have both gained some weight, but I have to bite the bullet and take some more pictures or a large part of our lives will be missing, so look forward to them soon.

In the mean time I have been writing a book about our naturism from the beginning, but it isn't enough to publish as a book. So I intend to publish it here in instalments, please let me know in the comments what you think.

Memories  of a Naturist

Part one - First Faltering Steps

I grew up on a Council Estate in Leicester, not the most prepossessing place for anyone with naturist tendencies, but it did have one saving grace. We lived on the edge of the city, beyond it was the open countryside of the city farms leading to the small village of Anstey, birth place of Ned Ludd, of Luddite fame. 

Around and beyond Anstey was open countryside and eventually Bradgate Park, the ancestral home of Lady Jane Grey. The grounds, now a deer park, of which had been brought by a local businessman and donated to the people of Leicester for their enjoyment.

Mostly it was open land but there were patches of woodland, sometimes quite dense most of these areas were in use by the local kids to make dens and play war games or cowboys and indians.  

But further away from the estate there were areas that were less frequented. One in particular was close to the farmhouse, only separated from it by a paddock, and far enough from the estate not to be disturbed.

When I first realised the potential of the area I was very nervous, I would go and sit there for ages, waiting to see if anyone came, but no-one ever did, no-one was living at the farm house – it was only used as an office, and so I decided to try going nude. I would only strip for a few minutes at a time, all the time worried that someone would catch me. But the times got longer and eventually I would to go there and spend hours without clothes, as often as I could.

Once when I was walking through the trees I came to a slightly thinner patch of woodland with a clear view of the paddock where two teenage girls were riding horses around some low jumps – I fled, pulling on my clothes as I ran, certain that someone would be after me.

But nothing happened, I breathed a sigh of relief, if either of the girls had seen me they cant have said anything. It was a long time before I ventured back there and eventually I decided that I hadn’t been spotted, no-one came to disturb my secret place. But I made up my mind to be more careful in future and steer clear of the thinner area of woodland. Also before stripping off I would check that the paddock was empty.

I would have loved to have shared my nudity, but I wasn’t going to risk being caught by someone who didn’t want to understand the joy of being nude in the open air.

My visits to this, secret place, lasted from around the time of puberty, until I got my own transport and was able to travel to better places, further a field.

Despite my hormones running wild at puberty there was never anything sexual about these sessions, which surprised me. Even the two teenage riders hadn’t caused any sexual reaction - I was probably too scared. 

I didn’t know what naturism was then and sometimes worried that there was something wrong with me. But I enjoyed the freedom and the feeling of the wind and sometimes rain on my skin, I couldn’t see how something so liberating could be wrong.

To be continued