Thursday, 11 April 2019

What is Social Nudity

We reached one of my targets recently 20,000 visits to the blog. It started because Maja didn't believe how attractive she could look to others. A girl friend of hers tried to tell her and even tried to tell me, until she found she was preaching to the converted. I had always known how good she looks, particularly nude.

I know that is not a naturist priority, but that's why I called the blog Naturist and Nude it allows me to stray from the pure naturist, as you will have seen in earlier posts.

I'm sometimes asked how I deal with lots of people seeing her naked. It is a question I have difficulty answering, because I don't see the problem. Nudity is natural for me, I don't have any problems with anyone seeing or being seen nude.

We were in a jacuzzi at a naturist club a few years ago and Maja was the only woman in their at that time. She got out to go for a swim and I noticed three men sitting opposite the steps tilting their heads to get a better view between her legs. She has a very pretty vagina that is worth seeing. A lot of husbands might have been angry at their reaction, but I felt proud that they couldn't resist looking.

I think that reflects my whole attitude to people seeing my wife naked. I love her and I'm proud of her. It makes me happy that others share my thoughts when they see her body.

For those that think I'm exhibiting my wife or am not keen on myself being seen naked, I would say look back through this blog all the pictures there are of me are there. Being the photographer I don't often get in front of the camera and I'm sure that anyone, male or female would sooner see Maja than me naked.

If it were allowed, I would love to be naked with my wife all the time when we are out in public. I see nothing wrong with shopping in the nude, just like at Agde.

The question is can anyone explain why social nudity is wrong?

We all have the same things on our bodies, so we have seen it before. The often heard argument against toplessness is "I don't want my children seeing that" but that is what a woman's breasts are there for, they are for feeding children. Total nudity is not traumatic for children and if you have ever been to a naturist club you will have seen that amply demonstrated.

Is it about sex?
No, it can be sensual but it is not sexual. Although there do appear to be some nude sex beaches cropping up. From what I have read some beaches are like the dogging in car parks where anyone goes with who they please, you will never find us anywhere near them. I like people to look at Maja but I wouldn't share her (her choice as much as mine).

We went to a country car park in Leicestershire once to watch a meteor shower. When cars began to pull in and park at the far end, I thought the meteor shower was popular. Then it dawned on me what they were there for and we drove away quickly.

This evening was the first episode of "Naked Beach" on channel 4. It wasn't badly handled, with painted bodies and nudity and all before the watershed at 9pm. Whatever you may think about it, it does bring nudity forward into the public eye and portrays it in a positive light. It was interesting to see nudes and topless mixing with the general public in the street and on the beach.

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Boudoir pictures

What has become known as Boudoir pictures, began life as sexy pictures that wives had taken as a present for their partners. They were usually clothed in sexy nighties, bra and pants or lying on a bed naked with a single thin sheet picking out their figures. Sometimes they were naked and wrapped in a shower curtain, allowing fuzzy glimpses through. 

They were often taken by professional photographers and set into books. When taking your own it is easy to concentrate on your model and not enough on the surroundings and the focus etc. try and keep her beauty out of you mind until after the photos are taken.

Of course there is always the risk of the partner being jealous of another man being in their bedroom with a naked or near naked wife, but they have survived for many years and taken things further. Many are now naked, closer to what might be termed "early glamour" with no attempt to cover up, I love both ideas and wish I'd taken more in the bedroom, bathroom and lounge.

This is one of my early photos of Maja and I didn't see the chair or radiator, I didn't see anything past her naked form. If it wasn't for the softness of the models expression and the lack of thrusting thighs. it could fall into the glamour category, except for the background. I could photoshop it out, but don't like to.

My earliest pictures of Maja are boudoir pictures and I think they are very sexy, but not necessarily in keeping with naturism.

Sometimes pictures present themselves, like this one. I was walking by with my camera in hand when I saw this.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Memories part 8 - Maja's first time

Maja's story of her first time.

My First Time – and Afterwards
by Maja

I felt the fear gripping me, this could not be happening, why had I agreed to come?  I looked across at John, he stood smiling and urging me to do something that I had been told from earliest childhood never to do ….

"Come on," he said and disappeared out of the chalet door.  I felt trapped.  Where could I go?  He had abandoned me in a strange place, and the only way out was through that door, naked in front of everyone …. Suppressing a shudder, I took off my bra and panties and with an immense effort of will followed him out into the sunlight, thinking to myself, "It isn't real, it isn't important, I shall never ever do this again."

John was talking to somebody, seemingly unaware of the fact that he was standing there stark naked – as was his companion, as were the figures seen all around the field.  Fearful but resigned, not daring to look directly at anyone, I went to his side.

An old man, wearing only a tee-shirt, took my hand gently and introduced himself, saying in a fatherly way, "Your first time?" 
He was so old you could not imagine him to be lusting after these female bodies walking about within his reach, a small consolation when my mind was filled with my mother's warnings from my childhood: nice girls don't do things like that; struggling with my own reason saying there is nothing wrong with the human body, it is not shameful, just do it this once and never again; curiosity about what makes otherwise sane people do such things ….

The old man held onto my hand and showed me around the wooded grounds of the club; screened from outside view, they were full of sunshine, green growth everywhere, birds singing, and gradually I came out of my trance and started to look around. 
I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin and felt the light breeze on places that the wind had never before reached.  Slowly I began to gain confidence and feel I might survive this ordeal; nobody need ever know, it was going to be alright after all.

Having nodded and smiled back shyly at distant figures enjoying the various sports facilities of the club, when we returned to the chalet I was faced with other naked people at close quarters, and made a big brave effort to conquer my fears.

I shyly spoke to one or two people, and received an invitation to have a cup of tea with one couple.  So naturists eat and drink like everyone else!  We both accepted the hospitality gratefully, and sat eating the other couple's sandwiches whilst making small talk, relaxing bit by bit.

Later the woman suggested a game of tennis, which I had loved at school, and although I was a bit out of practice I enjoyed running about after the ball, and even caught myself sneaking a glance at her man as he dashed about.

The woman, too, was happy to be looked at, and gradually I became aware that I had just as good a figure as anybody else – in fact, being young and slim (in those days!) I compared quite favourably with the other bodies bared to view, maybe not a Page Three model, but with a little suntanning on my white bits, I would be quite attractive, and it wasn't a beauty contest was it, there were some quite fat people and some middle-aged or elderly ones.

Later we went for a swim in the pool which the club members, as they proudly explained, had built themselves – no chlorine, just soft water, and the smooth velvet feel of the water against my skin was absolute bliss.  It reminded me of swimming alone in the local river as a child, when I slipped my costume off to glide bare-skinned among the water weeds, and of pulling it on again in panic at the sound of voices coming towards me.

As the sun began to go down and the warmth ebbed away from the summer day, we said goodbye to our new friends and made our way home.
  When John asked, "Well, what did you think?", I found myself asking, "Can we go again next Sunday?!"

* * *

That was several years ago, and now a bit older and wiser we have attended several sun clubs, visited nude beaches and taken naturist holidays at home and abroad.  We have canoed naked along quiet stretches of river (although we would normally wear a buoyancy aid), and have even gone nude in non-naturist areas, like our favourite campsite in Wales which being only a farmer's field is often empty midweek.  So we can swim in the stream there and sun ourselves on its grassy banks, with the biggest problem being the mosquitoes!

When we return from holiday our friends see all the photos, not just the pretty views, and although to some this might seem like exhibitionism, we see nothing wrong in social nudity and have no fears of people seeing our bodies.

* * *

The little old man was the club secretary – when he took us round to introduce us to everyone he took great delight in introducing Maja on her own before admitting she had a partner. I know it shouldn’t make a difference to naturists but Maja was a tall slim blonde with a beautiful figure (though she never thought so), she looked stunning naked and the secretary took great delight in teasing the other members.

to be continued

Friday, 4 January 2019

Memories part 7

Sex and the Naturist

I said earlier that I didn't find naturism to be a sexual experience and it is true that I'm not aroused by the simple act of being naked in public. It is however a sensual experience and in the right place at the right time that can escalate into something more.

At this point I would ask how many non-naturists have gone out into the countryside or onto a beach to enjoy making love in the open air. Many of our non-naturist friends will admit to this, with a coy grin.
Maja and I are no different, before I introduced her to the joys of naturism, we made love in the open air several times. Once under a beach hut at Clacton, another time on the Ilkley moor where we had just dressed when a party of Ramblers passed close by.

From before we became a naturist couple we often made love in the open but never in public. Once we were on a deserted, unofficial naturist beach in Cumbria, we had only seen one other naturist all afternoon and he was a long way away. Hidden from any public view by massive sand dunes, I was applying sun cream to Maja's exquisite body when the urge took hold and before long we were wrapped up in each other. It was a wonderful experience, as all outdoor love making seems to be, we were well hidden and no-one saw us in our moments of passion.
When we do it we always make sure we are well hidden or away from others, so we cannot offend anyone.

Camping at a small non-naturist site in Wales, in the mid week one autumn, we were the only residents of the secluded field so we spent most of the time naked and enjoying the sun. One day we were splashing about in the river, the play became more intense and we made love on the river bank.  It was magical and something we will always remember.

The act of love making in the open air is a beautiful thing, but it must be tempered with consideration for other people. Not everyone wants to watch, even the most loving couple, in the throes of passion and those that do want to watch can go and look for dogging sites.

* * *

The problems of an aging naturist

I am now overweight and my health is failing, but I can cope with that.

What I am having difficulty with is not that my wife is getting old as quickly as I am or that she is gaining a bit of weight, No – the problem is I have all these beautiful photos of her throughout her life and looking at them I resent the speed at which we have grown old. I wish we could go back again and be as we were, I don’t suppose I’m alone in that wish. But I am cursed by these pictures.

 I cant destroy them – it would be like taking something away from her, but I cant resist looking at them either and, after the initial reaction, that just makes me sadder.

* * *

The Religious Objectors

I have no religion, but I have studied some religions and if you are a Christian or a Jew remember your scriptures say we are created in Gods Image – How can anyone worship a god and yet declare the body of that God to be disgusting.
Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden of Eden until the serpent committed the cardinal sin and bore false witness to them, so that they would eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge*. They were naked with God's blessing and no shame.
God gave them animal skins to cover themselves because, through eating the fruit of knowledge they came to know shame and it was that shame he gave them covering for, not their nudity.
So surely that makes shame the sin - not nudity.
Also in Matthew 6:25,28,29,31 Matthew reports Jesus advocating nudity, he clearly says that the body is more important than the covering. There are many other examples of nudity being advocated if you feel like looking for them**.

*note; The first sin in the bible is that of bearing false witness. That is if you exclude God's sin of pride.
** It could also be said that there were no sins until the ten commandments were created, but that’s another argument.

* * *

A thought for the bashful

Even though my father and Maja’s step-father were keen photographers and may not have been shocked and Maja's mother came from Germany (where FKK was born), in all our years going nude, we have never told our parents that we are naturists. we thought it might upset them, particularly my mother. This was just about the only naturist inhibition I had left.

But not long before starting to write this book, my widowed mother was given a C.D. of her favourite type of music. She doesn’t have a C.D. player, so Maja and I took our Laptop to her house to play it for her. We made a cuppa, set the disc playing and settled down to read the Sunday papers while listening.
After a while I heard my mother ask “Was that at a beach?”

I looked up and to my horror saw a picture of my wife, naked, filling the computer screen. I'd forgotten that the screen-saver plunders the “My Picture” files for images to display. At home I like to see our naturist pictures taking their turn to be displayed but I never thought about it when setting up mother's C.D.
I don’t know how many nudes she'd seen but we were halfway through her C.D, probably twenty minutes of tunes and the time taken by the other pictures. She must have seen at least half a dozen and possibly many more.
To our everlasting surprise and relief, my 84 year old mother wasn’t at all upset about them, she asked where they had been taken and just smiled and nodded when I told her some were in the UK and others in Germany. There was no shock horror, no disgust or indignation – the one parent we thought would react badly if she found out – wasn’t at all phased by it.

The Moral of this is don’t overestimate your parents and other relatives reactions. When you tell them, you may be surprised by their response and it is better to tell them yourself than let gossip, or accident, do it for you.

I regret not coming clean about naturism while my father was alive, he may well have joined us on some of the photographic shoots or even on some of the beaches, although I doubt that he would have gone nude, he would have enjoyed the photo-shoots.
Our friend Roy has told his parents and although they don’t understand why he would want to go nude with others, they have reacted in much the same way as my mother.

* * *

The Future

I think it would help Naturism if more of us came out of the closet and admitted our lifestyle, particularly the younger naturists –If Gays can stand up and be counted why cant we?

One problem for younger naturists is that as they grow up they don’t want to be going everywhere with their parents. Even if they have grown up going to a naturist club, when they reach their teens, they will want to branch out on their own. With many clubs not accepting single males, the teen naturists have only two choices; they either stay with their parents, or they give up naturism. The non-single males policy is driving young male naturists away from naturism and the young naturist females will want to meet boys, so they will follow. Some may return when they are married but not as many as would have remained naturists if there was someplace for them to go.

* * *

Be proud to be a naturist – not ashamed of it, you have made a lifestyle choice, why not tell everyone?

 Nude with friends

                         Nude Canoeing

             Nude Hiking

Continued on a future post

Friday, 28 December 2018

Memories Part 6


Some years later I wrote some pieces for H & E and wasn’t too surprised when another friend came to me with a copy of the magazine which he'd just brought. He apologised for having seen the published pictures of my wife and myself on a Norfolk naturist beach. He seemed a bit taken aback when I wasn’t upset. He knew we were naturists but had never seen Maja nude. He told us he went naked when he could, but usually alone.

Later, that same friend married and brought his wife to the naturist swims. I was really pleased to have close friends share the naked experience. But they only came once and I wondered if his wife was worried that she couldn’t match up to Maja when they were naked. I thought it would be foolish, that is not what naturism is about, but I think I secretly hoped I was right.

* * *

Cautionary tale

As computers started getting more sophisticated and scanners began to appear, another non-naturist friend, Paul, invested in the latest Apple Macintosh computer and Photoshop software. Which we set about learning together.
When he went away on holiday a couple of months later, he asked me to look after his equipment and we set it all up in my flat.
 I took this as the ideal opportunity to tidy up some of my naturist photos and set about scanning them in, cropping the rubbish out and sometimes playing with the colour balance. I even played with changing backgrounds adding multiple images etc, I saved all the images to C.D. and made sure non got saved to the hard disk. it was good fun and an interesting week.

The last picture that I scanned was of Maja lying naked on a German beach, it was a lovely picture, with all of her superb body clearly visible. The reason I know this was the last picture I scanned before handing the equipment back is simple.
I didn’t know until then, and neither did Paul, but a scanner retains the last image scanned – Even when it is switched off and disconnected from the power!
So when he returned from holiday and fired up his computer and scanner, he was, much to his delight, presented with a beautiful naked picture of my wife.

It could have been embarrassing but as a photographer himself it was not a problem and as he had now seen one of our photos there was no problem about me continuing with the editing of the rest of the nude pictures. He'd had more time with Photoshop than me and was able to advise with some of the editing processes. But his teenage daughter was surprised to see a picture of Maja naked on her fathers screen one day when he was doing some editing for me while I was at work.
  Today I have my own scanner and Photoshop software, but it was amusing to discover this trait of scanners. I wonder how many others have fallen foul of this and left incriminating pictures on the office scanner for all to see.

* * *

I never understood how I ended up with such a beautiful wife and have always counted myself lucky. I've never been jealous of other men seeing her naked, on the contrary I have always been proud of her and pleased that other people would want to see her fabulous body.
Since the first accidental exposures, we've never had any worries about showing our holiday snaps to our closest friends – naturist and textile and sometimes we have the best ones on display on the wall at home.

Some people are paranoid about having nude pictures of themselves in someone else’s possession. But what harm can it do to a genuine naturist (unless you want to run for US president). What can they do with the pictures that you haven’t done yourself;
Publish them (even if they did without a model release, where’s the problem?)
Blackmail you (To much Hollywood here)
Or Horror of Horrors – show them to other people, (isn’t that why you take pictures in the first place?)

A standing `joke on the factory floor, from long before anyone knew I was a naturist was;
"Have you got any Nude photos of your wife"
Victim replies, "NO!
"Do you want some?"
Everybody laughs and the victim gets annoyed.

Imagine the reaction when they tried it on me and I replied, "Yes plenty thanks." 

* * *

Near Misses

Maja’s family are German so we have made use of some of the multitude of naturist beaches there and in Denmark, we've also used several beaches in Britain. But we like to find isolated places as well and remove our clothes.  There were some near misses with textiles, but we never actually got caught. Although I’m sure some were suspicious.

* * *

An amusing incident occurred at the Holnis Beach in Northern Germany, we had been nude bathing on the FKK beach opposite the campsite and decided to use the toilets.
They were at the rear of the beach café building and as Maja went to the ladies, she realised that the only thing separating her from the public road and car park was a chain link fence, anyone and everyone driving by, parking or walking along the road could see her naked body. It still makes me smile when I wonder how many passers-by were able to enjoy the view, not just of Maja's beautiful figure, but any naturist taking advantage of the facilities.
The Café and toilets seemed to be shared by naturists and textiles and a young boy of about five years old followed Maja into the ladies, showing all the signs of this being his first vision of a naked woman.

* * *

Close to home one bright summer Sunday I was taking pictures of Maja at the wheel of our Mini Moke on an isolated track at the back of a golf course, in my rock climbing days I'd climbed on a crag there several times and never seen anyone going past. But a car appeared from nowhere and sped past. I watched as the brake lights came on then the reversing lights and after a quick three point turn it came back, slowing as it passed. But too late Maja had slipped a dress over. It was a close thing but I don’t suppose the teenagers in the car would have objected to whatever they did see of a beautiful naked woman. We enjoyed several nude photo sessions around that area, making good use of the rock faces and trees.

* * *

Late one Sunday afternoon, we had been walking our dog, in part of the Charnwood forest when the heavens opened and we were soaked. Until then it had been a warm sunny day and we were wearing shorts and tee shirts. We returned to our new car, but we were reluctant to get in and soak the new seats.
There was no-one else in the car park, so we stripped off, threw our wet things in the boot and drove home naked. We live in an old development in our village with houses and people all around, so we were glad when we got home that we had left the driveway gates open and could reverse straight in.
But the driveway opens onto a corner and looks down the length of the road, which means no privacy there, we had to get out and run round to the rear of the house still completely naked. I don’t know if anyone saw us, but no-one said anything.

After that we started to enjoy nude driving again, we travelled all the way from a naturist campsite near Poole in Dorset to Leicester totally naked and have crossed the country without clothes. It's more difficult for Maja having her breasts exposed it’s harder to cover up, particularly if she's driving. For me I can just put the map book over or a towel if I'm driving.
I have tried to design some quick dress clothes for both of us for those unavoidable situations where we run into a traffic census etc. but I am still working on that … maybe a kilt with Velcro fastenings hmmm.

* * *


  We're ardent canoeists and love to find a lonely river to enjoy a day of nude paddling. wilderness rivers, in Canada or Norway, are great, you can be nude for days without seeing anyone. But there are quiet areas everywhere if you look, even around cities, we've found many “secret places.”

  Open (Canadian) Canoes or the new sit-on-tops are best for naturists, the decks on Kayaks keep you covered they are just like putting on clothes.
Occasionally anglers are so well hidden that we paddle past them before we notice them. But often they don’t seem to see us and just continue to stare at their floats. It's not uncommon to come across people bathing nude on the river banks or even making love, I know it is cruel but sometimes it is hard to resist approaching silently then bidding them “Good evening.” The mad scramble that usually ensues, exposes more of their bodies than if they had just continued what they were doing.

* * *

Roy started to canoe with us, as member of our local canoe club while he was in Leicester. But moved back to his family home in the south when he'd completed his degree. Later I was down near his home at Christchurch and called to see him. From then on we travelled between each others homes, canoeing and canoe sailing regularly.

In conversation one night the subject turned to naturism and I mentioned that Maja and I were practising naturists. Roy admitted to enjoying swimming nude from time to time and buying Health and Efficiency. He didn't remember any of our articles, but said he couldn't always get the magazine. So I showed him our copies, he was interested in the pictures and the places I'd written about and I went on to show him some of our collection of photos.
I told Maja about the conversation and the next time he visited it was a hot day so I stripped off. Roy asked if he could and joined me and when Maja returned from shopping she stripped off as well, what followed were several happy years of naturism, both at home and on beaches around the country.

Roy introduced us to a nude beach at Calshot with views out towards the Isle of Wight and our Collie, loved it.
But all good things come to an end and Roy has now married, his wife has not been a naturist so there is no telling if they will eventually join us. Although Roy says he is hopeful

* * *

We've found a wonderful "Naturists Welcome" camp site near Doncaster “Candy Farm” ( The owners are naturists and very friendly, we spent a very happy week end there and made lots of new naturist friends. It was a naturist photographic weekend and we all took turns at being photographed. It made a change for me to be in front of the camera. But I have to admit three of the ladies (one was Maja) attracted the most attention and had the most pictures taken.

* * *

to be continued