Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Any sort of contact between naturists is frowned upon by some, but why shouldn't we touch each other we are people and people touch each other. I'm not suggesting that, as we are nude we should leap on each other and have rampant sex, just that we should behave as we do when clothed. Hold hands, kiss, walk arm in arm even hug.

Here we are para-photographing a photo of Olympic swimmer Sharon Davis and her husband.
Yes I am touching my wife's breasts and she is covering her pubic hair, but I cant see it as sexual content - can you?

My brother and my wife walking in the countryside near Doncaster.
All my family know of our naturism, we are not shy about it.

A naturist friend of ours was concerned about the use of the pole at Candy farm, because pole dancers have sexualised them. We think the pole is good for exercise and the accusation about it being pornographic says more about the complainants mind than about the use if the pole.

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