Tuesday, 8 November 2016

growing older

Would be comedians comment often about "Old, pink, wobbly bits" on naturist areas. They don't realise that  many of the bodies they ridicule were once young and slim. They may well have been figures that the critic had a fancy for. Should we stop being naturists when we lose our figures? 

Does a racing driver give up driving when he gets older?  

No he just gives up racing. 

No-one should have to give up what they love because of sarcastic comments from ignorant people who have no understanding of what they do. Those of us caring enough to have a long and happy marriage, will as age crept relentlessly on may have seen our loved ones (be it male or female) put on extra pounds. That doesn't mean we should all hide away and not enjoy the sunshine without the encumbrance of clothes.


  1. I totally agree. It makes me angry when I see people's comments such as: "nudism is fine if you're young and have a good body", or, "older people should not be naked". They are mssing the point entirely, and are viewing naturism in a purely sexual or for their personal titillation.

    1. Yes, very well said. I've been accused in the past by "would be" naturists telling me that the only reason I was on a naturist beach or area is because I am well endowed and just there to pick up on women. Totally untrue but I must admit it did happen frequently.

    2. Thanks Edward, no matter what you look like someone will find a bad reason why you are a naturist. I just think they are missing out because of their closed minds and leave them to get on with it.