Sunday, 10 July 2016

beautiful innocence

I know I'm biased but I love to see photos of beautiful women such as Maja who portray an innocence, social nudity is innocent after all. I don't like thrusting, pouting models twisting themselves into all sorts of contortions to show their innermost areas. To me the female body is beautiful when combined with the inner beauty of innocence, such as my wife's, and I see no reason not to share it.

Once another person has viewed a naked body, what difference does it make if everyone views it?  what a pity if such beauty is kept under wraps. I love my wife and am proud of her when people find her attractive as well.

Those who have pictures of their partners and show them like dirty postcards of years ago are surely guilty of giving the impression that social nudity is something to be ashamed of.

The look of innocent love

Thursday, 7 July 2016


15 of Maja a few years ago and one of me. I wish I could take more but we are getting on a bit now. But you never know, we are trying to get fit again and maybe we'll be able to add to these one day.