Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Up the pole

If you are shocked by the use of a pole in a naturist picture I am sorry, but a pole in itself is nothing to do with porn etc. What it is, is a very useful photographic aid. Any bad associations are made in your mind or by the way it is used.

Candy farm barn for wet days.

John at his Car

and going for a dip

Saturday, 21 May 2016


Thanks to Nik for these two pictures of Nude hiking

Calshot unofficial beach

Thursday, 19 May 2016

in the sun

Thanks to Stephen, with without whom the last post would have been the end.
Well done Stephen for braving the net. Something that a few people are worried about is that this blog is open to the net and they are correct it is open. However, without entering anything that you have read here or on the NC site about this blog, try and find it from google. I regularly check how anonymous the site is and even entering Maja or my name will rarely find it. Entering nude or naturist likewise. 


Maja and Roy in our garden.

Unless you already know about it you wouldn't be entering Maja's name or mine. You might in a general search look for nude or naturist but as I say they rarely find the blog. I do not enter contributors surnames with their pictures even if I know them, (it is up to you if you tell me or not) that means people cant find your pictures through your name. As an example my first name is John, how many millions of Johns do you suppose are on the net? I can tell you that there are several hundred sharing my first name and surname. Maja is rarer but even that will bring you to pages and pages of "The Nude Maja" by Goya, then "The Clothed Maja" by the same artist. There are porn stars using Maja and the head of a naturist organisation is also a Maja. You have to wade through these to find her but even then it is unlikely to be the blog.

So being open to the net is its own security, there are billions of entries on the net and probably millions of genuine naturist pages. So dont be shy, accept my challenge see if you can find the blog without advanced information.

Saturday, 14 May 2016


Well here we are, the blog might stagnate a bit after this,  this is the last of my pictures that I can post. I do have more but they include other people, taken with their permission, but I do not have their permission to publish them and would not share them without that.

So unless more photos arrive in my inbox, the blog will have to survive on the occasional pictures that I might be able to take in the future.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Ian and Maja

Thanks to Ian again for his pictures, These are the last of the contributions, apart from Maja and Jude the Ladies seem to be sadly lacking. It seems the sexes aren't as equal as feminists would have us believe.

Naturism will never gain its proper place in society until "Naturists" are prepared to come out from behind the walls and declare themselves. Have pride in the lifestyle that some of you wax lyrical about but only practice in hiding. If you are not ashamed of what you do, take your clothes off, stand up and proclaim in a good, loud voice, "HERE I AM AND I AM A NATURIST!"

Maja on the Baltic

Ian in Menorca

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Friday, 6 May 2016

A Favourite

This one is again from a naturist B&B, now closed unfortunately. It's one of our favourite pictures despite being indoors. 

On the rocks at Wassersleben

This was at Holkham. One thing that is interesting to note, with all these young women, Like Kaley Cuoco demanding breast enhancement at 18. Maja has quite small breasts at the time of this picture (and when she was in her mid-twenties), but in later photos you will notice they get larger without enhancement, just loving attention.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Loadsa Sun n Sea

Many thanks to Judy and Ian for these pictures.

Jude on the beach

Ian at Cami De Cavals